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The Ikigai Vision:

Ikigai centre for fetomaternal care is committed to being a leading provider of health care services to the pregnant mother and her fetus by delivering high quality outcomes for patients in a caring,loving and affordable atmosphere and also ensuring long term profitability. We also aim at providing holistic care to a woman including gynecology day care services.

The Ikigai Way:

Our mantra is teamwork and interdependence.
We are caring, progressive, enjoy our work and use a positive spirit to succeed
We take pride in our achievements and actively seek new ways of doing things better
We value integrity, credibility and respect for the individual
We build constructive relationships to achieve positive outcomes for all
We believe that success comes through recognising and encouraging the value of people and teams
We aim to grow our business while maintaining sustainable levels of profitability, providing a basis for stakeholder loyalty.

Aims & Objectives:

1) Me & Mom aims to be the leader of accessible and quality private health services to the communities of the North Bangalore and beyond. The hospital embraces the Ikigai corporate philosophy, the Ikigai way which underpins our Quality Management System and the way we manage our business.

2) To work in partnership with our patients, their families and careers, involving them in decision making about their treatment and care and encouraging them to participate fully by listening and supporting them to express their needs and wants and enabling them to maintain the maximum possible level of independence, choice and control.

3) To involve other professionals in the care of our patients where it is in their best interest, providing an informed choice to suit the patient’s needs in respect of referrals.

4) To continually improve healthcare services to patients through learning, monitoring and auditing

5) To take care of our staff, ensuring a competent and motivated team with the right skills and training to do their jobs and to protect them against abuse.

6) Increase the range of services wherever there are opportunities to meet an area of customer need and demand, on financially viable basis

7) Provide a safe and therapeutic environment for all patient, staff and visitors

8) Increase overall satisfaction rates of patients, employees and visiting medical officers

9) Achieve financial and human resource key performance indicators

10) Maintain clinical indicators at par with peer hospitals

11) To promote the benefit of the patients of the Health Centre – without distinction of gender, race, colour or political, religious or other opinions or characteristics of individuals – by encouraging development and quality of health promotion and health care services

Range of services

Our services will include,but will not be limited to

1) Outpatient services for pregnant women
2) Outpatient services for other women
3) Outpatient services for children
4) Outpatient services for men
5) Ultrasound diagnosis
6) Invasive fetal procedures
7) Genetic diagnosis
8) Genetic counseling
9) Lab services which include blood tests, urine tests etc
10) Pharmacy
11) Fitness courses
12) Lamaze classes
13) Cafeteria
14) Maternity photo shoot
15) Fetal 3D/4D imaging
16) Fetal 3D models
17) Maternity and baby clothing outlet
18) Healthy homemade food products outlet
19) Educational activities like continuing medical education etc
20) Outreach medical programs
21) Medical camps
22) Baby accessories
23) Organic food products
24) Minor OPD procedures
25) Xray services
26) Nursing services